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Get the Whitepaper to Learn How Remote Desktops Benefit Healthcare

You’ll learn how DesktopReady Can Speed and Improve the Healthcare You Deliver, While Assuring Data Security and Regulatory Compliance, and Saving You Money.

We’ll admit it almost sounds too good to be true. But DesktopReady will supercharge your organization’s ability to track and control data across multiple platforms (including legacy systems currently in place). Healthcare professionals will be able to communicate quickly and securely on systems they’re already accustomed to using from anywhere at any time, while adding the benefits of data tracking, governmental compliance, and much more.

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In this informative whitepaper, you’ll learn how DesktopReady can:
  • Equip community clinics, mobile units, and physicians with a 24x7, location and device-agnostic access to even distant specialists, confidential PHI, medical imaging, and proprietary diagnosis platforms, enabling real-time diagnosis and care.

  • Help emergency responders save time by avoiding repetitive logins and transition seamlessly from a laptop, terminal, or mobile device.

  • Enable self-service registration for those requiring outpatient care via Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on kiosks that can run a hospital’s patient registration platform including interactive check-in, personal data verification, insurance information verification, payment, and e-signing of forms.

  • Allow radiologists to process and view high-resolution medical imagery on any laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

  • Provide medical billers and coders secure access to the hospital’s Electronic Health Records (EHRs), provider reports, and coding and billing platforms.

  • Give transcriptionists reliable access to the provider’s secure EHRs or medical record management platforms in a location- and device-agnostic manner, while ensuring HIPAA compliance and data security.