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Get the Whitepaper to Learn How Remote Desktops Benefit Financial Services Firms

Discover How DesktopReady Can Improve Your Financial Services Operations, Increase Customer Satisfaction, Assure Data Security and Regulatory Compliance, While Saving You Money.

It almost sounds too good to be true. But DesktopReady will supercharge your organization’s ability to track and control data across multiple platforms (including legacy systems currently in place). Financial services professionals will be able to communicate quickly and securely on systems they’re already accustomed to using from anywhere at any time, while adding the benefits of data tracking, ubiquitous access across devices and locations, regulatory compliance, and more.

Cover for Whitepaper
This informative whitepaper will illustrate how DesktopReady can:
  • Allow real-time access to the data and tools necessary for financial agents, managers, and inspectors to serve customers at a time and location of their convenience.

  • Improve security with such dedicated data controls as role-based data and platform guardrails to easily and continuously regulate the access of databases and applications.

  • Provide remote access to critical trading platforms on lag-free, high-performance virtual machines, so you’ll have stock market data at your fingertips on any device, anywhere for improved trader productivity and experience.

  • Localize regulated data within specified geographical regions and provide authorized teams access to this data without the data leaving the mandated boundaries.

  • Empower data scientists and analysts with secure, remote access to run compute-heavy AI and deep learning workloads in a high-performance computing environment, resulting in a data-driven strategy for faster and more accurate business processes.

  • Scale engineering teams for faster time-to-market products resulting in your being more competitive and responsive to market demand.

  • Reduce M&A downtime by delivering secure access to mission-critical applications, databases, and services on existing devices throughout the transition period.