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Virtual Desktops for Professional Services

Virtual Desktops for Professional Services

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Virtual desktops empower your professional services business to operate more efficiently, securely, and reliably in the cloud. DesktopReady delivers virtual solutions for a wide range of industries, including

  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Consulting

A virtual or cloud desktop solution is key to supporting today's mobile workforce.

This is a connected world in which your employees may not spend all, or even most, of the time in the office.

When workers are working from home, or any other remote location, they need to be able to safely and securely connect to the network and get all of their work done.

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Virtual Desktops for better Cyber Resilience

What is the Virtual Desktop solution?

A virtual desktop solution allows the end user to access applications and data sources from the cloud. It allows for both legacy and Software as a Service applications to be hosted in the cloud rather than on the end point.

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What is DaaS?
How does it work?

Benefits of Desktop as a Service for Professional Services Businesses

Benefits of Desktop as a Service for Professional Services Businesses

There are a number of benefits to using virtual desktop solutions. These include:

Improved Security

With a traditional desktop solution, your employee is carrying all of their data on their laptop. Laptops get stolen, lost, left unattended and damaged all the time. A cloud desktop keeps most of the data off the physical device, meaning that when it is lost or stolen there is less risk of data loss. This helps you protect your clients' data, especially if you are dealing with sensitive financial or legal information.

More Device Flexibility

Your employees can connect to the virtual desktop from their own device (without compromising security) or from a tablet or mobile device. Employees who work from home only occasionally can use their own computer without carrying a laptop home with them.

Easy Budgeting

When you choose desktop-as-a-service, you know what you will be spending on IT and software updates, allowing you to plan your budget better and reducing unexpected expenses.

Lower Costs

With a virtual desktop, you no longer have to provide employees with a beefy laptop. Instead, a smaller thin client device can be used which costs less and is easier to carry around.

Increased Scalability

Virtual desktop solutions can easily be scaled up to include more users as your business grows.

Proper Update Management

Because IT controls the virtual desktop, all software can be updated on schedule and users cannot evade necessary updates or security patches. The updates also run remotely, meaning users don't have to wait for updates to finish.

Up-to-date Infrastructure

Many companies use computers until they die. With virtual desktop solutions, aging devices are not a problem and productivity is thus improved. An older laptop that might lag tremendously if running everything locally will work perfectly well as a thin client.

Uses Cases for Desktop as a Service in Professional Services

Uses Cases for Desktop as a Service in Professional Services

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Ensure security & compliance

Safeguard business-critical customer data from 3rd party breaches, ransomware, or internal misappropriation.

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Streamline IT budgeting

Clear, transparent pricing for virtual desktops makes costs easy to predict.

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Simplify IT management

Virtual desktops eliminate most IT management tasks, allowing staff to focus on billable work.

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Provide scalability

Gain the agility necessary to compete on a global scale using the anytime, anywhere availability of virtual desktops.

How Do We Use Cloud Desktops?

How Do We Use Cloud Desktops?

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Safeguard business-critical customer data from 3rd party breaches, ransomware, or internal misappropriation.

Server room

The virtual desktop is generally hosted on a cloud server on which you buy the number of instances you need, which are then managed by the server provider.

IT Professional Managing Software for Teammates

IT installs necessary software and manages updates to the virtual desktop in the cloud. DaaS allows IT to manage desktops from a central location without direct access to the end point.

Why DesktopReady

Why DesktopReady

DesktopReady, by Anunta, is built on a decade of specialized experience in implementing and managing remote desktop solutions.

10+ years

of experience


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DesktopReady, offering cloud-based Desktop as a Service that moves your desktops to a virtual workspace.