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Virtual Desktop Solutions to Enable Remote Learning

Virtual Desktop Solutions to Enable Remote Learning

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Do your people need to learn from anywhere? In today's ever more mobile world, the answer is yes. Thankfully, it is easier than ever with DesktopReady. We can cover you regardless of how many desktops you need and where your people are.

Classroom Software & Virtual Labs

Recent times have taught us that sometimes students need to learn from literally anywhere. We offer remote learning solutions that can solve many challenges, including:

Replacing computer labs with cheaper and more flexible remote learning options.
Scaling for different numbers of students over time. For example, you can scale down over the summer when most students are on vacation or seeking other opportunities.
Maintaining compatibility and consistency across devices and campuses.
Offering solutions that are transparent and cost-effective.
Reducing the amount of work IT has to do and the amount of hassle they can present.
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Our remote learning solutions are designed to support continued flexibility for students and faculty and allow students to learn from anywhere, using any device.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Education

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Education

Desktop as a Service is an excellent solution regardless of whether you are a small school with a few hundred students or a large university with a campus the size of a small town. DesktopReady provides the solution you need to allow your students to learn from their dorm room, the library, under a tree in the quad, or while at home at their parents' house.

Kids in a classroom listening to the teacher presentingStudents attending a lecture

Because it is device agnostic, your students can use whatever device they have, regardless of the operating system or system specifications. As DesktopReady supports thin clients, it also supports older computers (such as hand-me-down laptops) and mobile devices. Students will also get a consistent environment when switching between devices.

Operation systems icons: Windows, Linux, Apple, Android

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Desktops

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Desktops

So, how do virtual desktops benefit learners? They provide the following:

The ability to turn in homework easily and quickly, with fewer excuses for being late.

The ability to support applications at all grade levels, from K-12 to graduate students.

The ability to easily support legacy and GPU heavy apps, which might not otherwise run well on student laptops.

The ability to reduce the computing budget by replacing expensive labs and using thin clients instead of full-featured desktops.

The ability to ensure every student can access and run applications. There is less trouble shooting for IT as they don't have to support all of the devices students might bring, but can work in one consistent environment.

Why DesktopReady

Why DesktopReady

DesktopReady, by Anunta, is built on a decade of specialized experience in implementing and managing remote desktop solutions.

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Students presenting to their teacher on a laptop
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We provide DaaS solutions for education that are comprehensive and based off of a solid cloud infrastructure (we use Microsoft Azure and Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop as our backend, but this does not mean our virtual desktops run only on Microsoft PCs).

We can set up pooled desktops for students within an hour or placing an order, and we can serve students wherever they happen to be, even if they are checking something from vacation in another country. Our license structure for educational institutions is designed to be scalable and support your needs regardless of size and throughout the year.

To find out more about how DesktopReady can help your school support virtual learning both on and off-campus, contact DesktopReady today.