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In-depth customer success stories based on our 10+ years of experience.

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A US banking services provider achieves better application performance, scalability, and centralized device management through desktop virtualization resulting in greater agility and service delivery assurance.

A large bank unlocks productivity, innovation, and business value through desktop virtualization.

One of India’s oldest commercial banks centralizes its desktop infrastructure and streamlines application delivery to support its exponential growth trajectory

A US financial services provider leverages desktop virtualization on cloud and on-premises to build a highly resilient and compliant digital workplace.

Read our customer success stories

A healthcare business process management services provider leverages desktop virtualization in creating a highly resilient next-generation digital workplace for its agents.

A multinational pharmaceutical company streamlines desktop access and application delivery for its distributed workforce using desktop virtualization.

A large healthcare service provider leverages cloud- hosted virtual desktops to right-shore platform development while remaining compliant with data residency regulations.

A US diagnostic chain uses desktop virtualization to enable device mobility for its radiologists and hasten diagnoses.

Read our customer success stories

A large indian life-insurance provider leverages next-generation cloud-hosted virtual desktops to transform their computing infrastructure to spur productivity, improve performance, and service delivery.

A US automotive insurance provider achieves better order processing times and customer experience through desktop virtualization for its sales staff