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Survey of 200 SMBs & Enterprises Reveals IT Challenges & Opportunities Post-COVID

DesktopReady brings enterprise-grade virtual desktops to SMBs offering greater flexibility, security and lower TCO

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland (July 1, 2021) – COVID-19 has forever transformed the IT landscape. As a result, companies of all sizes and across all industries must adapt their IT strategies and solutions to thrive in a post-pandemic era. The big question on everyone’s minds is, how?

DesktopReady, a fully managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) technology by Anunta, surveyed 200 SMBs and enterprises to identify their key IT priorities and challenges in a post-COVID world. The survey offers insight not only into how businesses reacted to short-term challenges amidst the pandemic but also how they plan to alter their strategies moving forward. The report highlights essential findings that organizations can use while navigating the rapidly evolving IT landscape.

The Anunta DesktopReady survey breaks the findings into five key categories:

  • IT Challenges
  • Work-from-home technology
  • Company size
  • Overhaul of desktop technology
  • Awareness gap relating to desktop architecture

Of the challenges, survey respondents identified two critical barriers in realizing their IT goals: security and cost. Though these challenges are not anything new and have been long at the top of IT decision-makers’ minds, what’s notable is just how far these two areas of concern outrank other identified challenges. The findings indicate that businesses need, above all else, IT solutions that enhance security while keeping costs low.

The survey’s findings also reiterate:

  • Emerging IT technology needs to support whole teams of remote workers.
  • Larger companies are already using public cloud infrastructure like Azure while SMBs continue to look for ways to capitalize on the newest trends.
  • Companies of all sizes want to upgrade their IT infrastructures and improve their understanding of desktop solutions.

Ashish Bambroo, Chief Revenue Officer at Anunta DesktopReady, said: "We are proud to present these survey findings digging into the IT challenges of the modern workforce. Learning that SMBs and enterprise organizations alike are ready for new IT infrastructure and diverging from traditional desktops to cloud computing comes as no surprise, especially amidst the global pandemic. With a deep commitment to data security, DesktopReady is poised to provide modern digital workspaces for  businesses of all sizes at an affordable price point.”

Maintaining up-to-date IT solutions has always been a challenge for businesses. However, as companies struggle to prepare their IT infrastructures for a post-COVID era, they are inhibited by uncertainty in this regard. The findings in this report help decision-makers prepare for challenges and strategize ways to overcome them.

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DesktopReady is a modern fully-managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) with built-in automation and monitoring that simplifies the delivery and management of cloud desktops for the unique needs of companies that want to spend less time on IT. Developed using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) infrastructure within the Microsoft Azure cloud, DesktopReady provides fully functional Windows 10 desktops that are easy to install, configure, and ready within minutes.

These highly secure cloud desktops are built on platforms that are PCI, HIPAA, and SOC2 compliant and supported by 24/7 service desk and infrastructure monitoring. For more information about DesktopReady, visit

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