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Simple, Scalable, Secure

Simple, Scalable, Secure

DesktopReady's Virtual Desktop Solution For MSPs

Modern Virtual Desktop Software

DesktopReady is the Modern Virtual Desktop that delivers fully functional Windows 10/11 desktops on the Azure cloud for SMBs. Our Desktop As a Service (DaaS) solution serves the needs of MSPs that want to manage Virtual Desktops for their clients in an affordable, flexible way.

Increase profitability through monthly recurring revenue

Combat modern cyberthreats with modern technology

Enable hybrid work in the Post-COVID environment

Enhance Compliance & Security to meet PCI & HIPAA standards

DesktopReady’s simple, scalable and secure desktops are built on PCI, HIPAA, and SOC2 compliant platforms. In addition, the fully managed DaaS solution offers 24/7 support and infrastructure monitoring.

DesktopReady® has over 10-years experience in VDI, 400+ experts dealing with DaaS & 500,000+ remote desktops users.