Why Buyers Should Look at DaaS Before Hardware

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  • Hugo Rubirosa & Jeff Smith
  • October 1, 2021
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Why Buyers Should Look at DaaS Before Buying New Hardware

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemicaccelerated and in some cases brought about new technological trends. Whereasdigital transformation and the work from home movement have taken the spotlightas the most prominent technological trends, recently, DaaS (Desktop as aService) has also started gaining traction in the business IT marketplace. According to BusinessWire, the DaaS market wasestimated to be $4 billion in 2020, and is expected to grow to $12 billion by2027 (growing at a CAGR of 16.9% over the period between 2020-2027).

If you’re in the market for new hardwarefor your workforce, it’s time to consider DaaS.

What is DaaS?

Simply put, DaaS (Desktop as a Service)is a cloud offering that allows organizations to implement automated, scalable,easy to manage virtual desktops without the effort, resources, and time that istypically required for this type of project. DaaS provides predictable andsimple pay-as-you-go subscription models, thereby making it easily scalabledepending on your changing needs.

Benefits of DaaS

With the massive disruption in how workis done due to the pandemic, DaaS has been vital in helping streamline the newwork environment.  Not only has DaaS beenpivotal in the changing landscape of work, but it provides several benefitsover traditional desktops including a lower total cost of ownership (TCO),improved security and compliance standards, and increased growth flexibility.

Here are some of the benefits you canaccrue from deploying DaaS:

  • High Availability, Scalability, and Elasticity: Your apps can provide continuous user experience with no downtime. Your workloads capacity can be increased in a vertical way where they can add more compute capacity like RAM or CPU; and can also scale horizontally by increasing the number of compute instances and resources. Your workloads always will have the resources they need.
  • Reduction in the dependence on data centers: When using a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or on-premise environment, you will need to have a fully equipped data center. That is not the case when you are using DaaS. It can help minimize  expenses, more so for organizations that don't have adequate space in their existing data centers or those renting space in third-party data centers.  
  • IT personnel will be less strained: Using DaaS will enable you to outsource most of the regular management and maintenance of your desktop environment. As such, your IT staff will be less burdened, especially when undertaking daily tasks.  
  • Minimization of security risks:  With DaaS, data is secured in a hosted environment that is regularly backed up rather than being stored on personal devices. This minimizes the security risks that result from employees losing laptops, mobile devices, and any other vulnerable local devices.  
  • Greater agility and responsiveness: Given the dynamism of DaaS, with its inherent scalability, affordable Opex Model, and rapid provisioning, it is suitable for organizations that want to take advantage of new opportunities or need to expand both in terms of publishing new applications across hosted desktops or bringing in hosted desktops online. You can deploy your workloads as fast as your requirements change.
  • Geo-distribution: With the advantage of deploying your workloads on data centers around the world, you can ensure your customer will always have access and the best performance possible.
  • Increased productivity: Businesses that use DaaS experience an increase in productivity. Additionally, their ability to attain their operational goals ahead of time is enhanced. The reason behind this is that employees can access their workstations regardless of their location.  
  • Secure access to all the requisite resources: By using DaaS, you'll have access to a secure cloud-based environment where users can gain access to cloud services, SaaS applications, file shares, corporate solutions, and cloud-based office software the same way they would in an on-premise environment. All you need to have to get these resources is strong network connectivity.  
  • Disaster Recovery: The availability of business continuity tools like backup and data replication among different locations can give you the confidence that your data is safe, and you are compliant to the most demanding compliance standards.

Economic Impact of DaaS

With DaaS you can replace costlyon-premises infrastructure with flexible, scalable cloud services and pricing,eliminating the heavy housekeeping burden. As such, you can either scale down,streamline or redeploy resources and only pay for those that you need. Thisensures that your organization does not incur advance capital expenditures thatare usually incurred when operating in an on-premise environment.

In addition, DaaS helps save ITmanagement time and money by hosting apps, data, and desktops in the cloud.DaaS is able to provide a full desktop experience on low-cost devices.


DaaS helps you expand the boundaries ofyour business and gives you a modern workplace environment that can help yourbusiness scale as needed, run your desktops more easily, efficiently, andsecurely, thereby lowering your operational costs without sacrificing theavailability of your services, impacting on a higher efficiency in yourprocesses and reducing TCO.

Experience DaaS withDesktopReady

Now that you understand the benefits oflooking at DaaS before buying new hardware, you should reach out to DesktopReady for the best solution. With over 10 yearsexperience providing virtual desktop services, you can depend on us to provideyou with a simple, secure, and scalable modern work environment.

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