Managed DaaS on Azure

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  • May 14, 2016

A Cloud-hosted desktop delivered “As a Service,” or DaaS (Desktop as a Service) has emerged as a viable and comprehensive solution for enterprises. While DaaS offers hardware and software components for managing devices, it leaves IT teams to struggle with a day to day operational management.

However, Managed DaaS enables enterprises to unburden internal operations management of IT infrastructure, thereby enabling IT managers to focus on strategic issues related to business’ growth and profitability.

Managed DaaS provides enterprises with an end to end implementation and management of digital workplace while ensuring secure and high application availability and superior end-user experiences.

Technical Competency

The right MDP should demonstrate competence in rightsizing and resource allocation as per the business needs of an enterprise. The ability to establish a well-structured workload migration process and cloud adoption roadmap are essential factors for evaluation.

The provider should address typical technical issues like:

  • Bandwidth
  • Network Connection Speed
  • Failover Facility
  • Latency-Related Concerns
  • Remote Access for Far-Off Areas
  • BYOD-compliance

A provider with strong cross-domain expertise and experience across leading virtualization technology platforms, network technologies, Cloud platforms, Active Directory, and Server Management capabilities can enable faster rollouts of applications. This can maximize application availability and ensure minimal business disruption.

Post-implementation 24x7x365 monitoring and management are equally critical for the success of any DaaS implementation. Resolving critical end-user issues on priority in conjunction with the enterprise IT will ensure a satisfying end-user experience. The MDP that provides an outcome-oriented SLA will be accountable to address user issues promptly.

If you are looking at remote desktop solutions, then you have a number of choices. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud all offer high quality public cloud services. DesktopReady uses Azure technology's secure framework and adds layers of automation and fully-managed services to provide an affordable and easy DaaS solution for businesses to manage an Azure environment.

What is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing platform. It offers a secure service that is fully integrated with Windows. Azure virtual machines are set up to provide hybrid solutions as well as full virtual desktop.

In addition to virtual desktops, Azure is also used by developers to build cloud native applications. Your business may already be using some of them. Azure is used by leading Fortune 500 companies. It also supports open source technologies, so you don't have to use Windows, although for the majority of users Windows is a good choice. Most employees are used to using Windows and Microsoft Office at this point.

While Azure and AWS are similar, we have chosen to build on Azure for a number of reasons.

Why Azure?

Why have we chosen to build our Desktop as a Service platform on the Azure foundation? 

Azure is owned by Microsoft

We don't have to worry about complicated licensing issues. Microsoft licenses for dedicated cloud hosts are distinctly complicated and expensive. Licensing requires that you purchase VDA per user for everything except Azure, and that you can no longer use Office 2019. Furthermore, the Office 365 Windows Apps cannot be run for Enterprise on another provider. This also affects the use of Teams for collaboration.

AWS only offers 1:1 Virtual Desktop Services

This means each user has to have their own virtual desktop instance in the server form. With Azure, we can do 1:many. This allows for a lower use of system resources at the server end and thus lower costs.

Overall compatibility with Windows software is Higher 

Office 365 in particular runs very smoothly through Azure, with seamless integration. Also, new Windows and MS features come to Azure before third party platforms. Essentially, Microsoft products are "native" to Azure and thus there are no compatibility or other issues which could get in the way of productivity.

Seamless Development

If you are developing custom apps, whether yourself or by commissioning them for a third party, the development tools Azure provides allows for an easy and seamless process.

This all makes Azure a fantastic platform for anyone who uses Windows and Microsoft products in their business. Our goal is to provide Windows 10 cloud desktops for your entire workforce, and Azure is essentially the only platform that allows us to do this easily.

How Does Desktop as a Service on Azure Work?

Essentially, DesktopReady adds another layer on top of the Windows Virtual Desktop/Azure deployment. This is a fully managed Desktop as a Service layer that allows users to have a seamless experience. Overall, this is less painful than trying to manage the AWS tech itself, and frees your IT department for more important matters.

We provide an end-to-end implementation and management of your digital workplace, ensuring security and technical issues, including remote access and BYOD compliance. Because we focus on Azure, we have the knowledge you need to make it really work for you. Your users will not be able to tell the difference between a local desktop and the cloud deployment.

To find out more about how we deploy the Azure platform as part of providing a fantastic desktop-as-a-service solution for companies of all sizes, contact DesktopReady today. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you create a virtual workspace that supports all of your employees, wherever they are.

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