How Virtual Desktops Can Boost Your Business

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  • November 16, 2021

How Virtual Desktops Can Boost Your Business

Is desktop virtualization just a buzzword?

The fact is that virtual desktops can help and support your business in a number of ways. Understanding how virtual desktop solutions can help allows you to make the reasoned decision about whether they are right for you and your business.

What is a Virtual Desktop Solution?

A virtual desktop solution is, briefly, a set up where all of your software and the desktop interface are kept in the cloud, rather than being stored locally as with traditional desktops. This generally provides more security and allows for the use of cheaper hardware at the user end. So, how can this help your business?

Your Employees Can Work From Anywhere

Because the desktop is stored in the cloud, it is device agnostic. Your employees can get access to the same applications and user interface whether they are in the office, at home, or checking in from 30,000 feet.

For hybrid and virtual offices, virtual desktops are a great solution. They are also fantastic for employees who work in the field and for those who travel a lot, allowing them to take only a lightweight tablet or cheap laptop with them.

Security is Better

A well maintained virtual desktop solution is, in fact, more secure. First of all, because no data is stored on the device, when a device is lost or stolen, it can easily be remote wiped and locked and there is little to no risk of the thieves getting hold of the data. The affected employee, meanwhile, can merely use another device.

You can also manage and secure desktop technology and applications centrally, reducing the time spent on upgrades and lowering the risk of "shadow IT," where employees install unapproved applications to get a better workflow.

Virtual Desktops are Affordable

You don't have to buy everyone an expensive laptop. And you don't have to have your IT staff work extra hours every time you install a major update. Because the desktops are centrally managed, the IT investment is lower. You can opt for cloud-based DaaS, where the vendor takes responsibility for all of the maintenance and lower your investment further.

If you are struggling with budget constraints, virtual desktops can be much more affordable. If not, then you can use the freed up IT budget on things that can help your business grow, such as customer-facing applications, that website upgrade you have been needing to do for a while, etc.

It Grows With Your Company

Adding a new user and desktop instance is a breeze. You don't have to spend as much on hardware for each new user and their settings can translate from device to device.

You can scale your virtual desktop needs up as your company grows. You can also scale them up and down with seasonal and other needs, spending no more than you have to and using only the server space and bandwidth you need at any given time.

There Is Little To No Extra Training

A virtual desktop looks and feels just like a traditional Windows desktop. Your employees are already familiar with this, so there will not be a lot of extensive training to get them up to speed. They should be able to sit down and work, and may not even be able to tell the difference, except that it looks the same across all of their devices.

The training investment is minimal and this frees up time for more productive activities and training budget for useful skills.

Switching to virtual desktops can increase productivity and flexibility, lower your IT staffing and hardware costs and greatly improve security. At the same time, it doesn't have a steep learning curve and your employees can just keep working through the change. To find out more about how cloud-based DaaS can help your company thrive, contact DesktopReady today.

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