DesktopReady Releases Version 2.2 of Their Best-in-Class Platform

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  • Hugo Rubirosa
  • February 4, 2022

DesktopReady is a go-to solution for MSPs looking to embrace the fast-growing Desktop as a Service (DaaS) market opportunity. DesktopReady provides a complete set of technologies and services from design, onboarding, and migration to ongoing monitoring and support while meeting MSPs at their skill and resource levels.

Today, MSPs have embarked on a digital transformation journey to help their clients navigate through hybrid and remote workspace challenges and DesktopReady is a pivotal part of that strategy. Our platform is built on top of Azure Virtual Desktop, combining the scalability and flexibility of Microsoft Azure with the DesktopReady DaaS solution.

DesktopReady is focused on bringing the best possible platform to our customers, which means we are consistently innovating and updating our solution. We listened to our partners, clients, and beta testers to understand their major pain points within their own business, as well as within the platform, then addressed those concerns in a new release. Today, we announced general availability of our most significant platform upgrade since initial launch back in fall of 2021. The following are the key additions and latest upgrades to the DesktopReady platform.

Server Management

Server Managment
Server Managment

This NEW feature will empower DesktopReady administrators to create new Windows and Linux Ubuntu servers, assign users to access the servers, allow the assigning of administrator rights to users on the servers, and be able to start, stop, and restart servers quickly and easily.

This makes the DesktopReady platform even more useful as now you can use the platform for more than just your Virtual Desktop customers.   Do more in less time and with fewer resources to help increase your profitability.

This will create a low latency environment between the interaction between Servers and Virtual Desktops and will be a ideal for environments where the applications have to run closer to the client desktops. Administrators can easily spin up servers,  install an app to run on these servers, create and use databases, or any scenario that needs to run any roles on a server level. This feature is also very useful to those who prefer to manage their servers in a simple view.

Auto Scale Features


Power schedule
Power schedule

We are bringing auto scale features to both personal and pooled AVD desktops. In DesktopReady 2.2 you will find two types of auto scale:

  • Power Schedule (Compatible withboth Personal and Pooled Desktops): With Power Schedule you can set the activehours of your desktops which allows you to control the number of hours that adesktop will be active. By doing so, you can lower the cost of virtual desktopusage, which represents a major cost savings.
  • Pooled Desktops Auto Scale (Pooled Desktops Only): This is a smart auto scale feature that will automatically turn desktops off and on in a pooled desktop host as needed. This feature takes User Session metrics into account to determine exactly when to turn machines off and on, saving money without sacrificing availability and performance.

This will help our MSP partners offer AVD to even more clients now.  Those customers with heavy computing needs, or graphic intensive workloads now have options in AVD (Engineering, Architecture, Designers).  Prior to Auto Scale, virtualizing these machines was cost prohibitive.  Now, these machines can be better managed and even scheduled to turn on/off to reduce consumption costs.

Re-Image Desktop Images

Reimage Desktop
Reimage Desktop

This feature will allow administrators to update pooled desktop images quickly and easily without disrupting the end user experience and without having to start over from scratch. With just a few clicks, you can update a pooled desktop image and stay up-to-date and compliant. We understand that the desktop experience requires changes and updates over time to be aligned with the strictest compliance and security requirements, and this feature will allow you to do so easily.

With the deployment of these updates, the DesktopReady platform will better meet the needs of our end users and support future platform growth. Ready to learn about how DesktopReady can benefit you and your clients?

Windows 11 Desktop Images

Do you have customers that want virtual desktops AND Windows 11?  The wait is over! We have added Windows 11 to our Image galleries. You can now deploy and manage Windows 11 virtual desktops in DesktopReady so you can provide the latest OS to your virtual desktop customers.

Existing Active Directory Integrations

We are introducing even more new integrations with existing Active Directory services which will help MSPs attach existing Azure tenants with existing Active Directory Setups and be able to synchronize all user data in a couple of clicks.

Currently we are supporting the most used implementations of Active Directory:

  • Hybrid(On Premise AD connected to Azure AD)
  • OnPremise AD and Domain Services
  • AzureAD
    o   Domain Services in a Windows Server VM
    o   Domain Services running on Azure ActiveDirectory Domain Services PaaS offer

This makes moving to AVD so much easier. We have added automated migrations to our already amazing support and you no longer need your top tech for AVD onboarding.  We make this process easy for you and your customer.

Schedule a demo today and let us show you the future of work.

Hugo Rubirosa
Pre-Sales Engineer

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