DesktopReady For MSPs: The first comprehensive DaaS solution is finally here!

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  • Ashish Bambroo
  • August 16, 2021
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The world is experiencing the greatest challenge of modern times. Businesses are having to reimagine how they operate. A slow undercurrent movement toward a remote-first, more distributed workforce over the past decade became a must have business strategy due to the pandemic.

Over the last decade, development and adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) for business applications and data has contributed to a change in how employees view access to work. Companies have increasingly needed to respond to employee demand for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) options and increased flexibility in work life made possible by the SaaS delivery model.

In its first phase, apps and data migrated to the cloud while devices were still in a traditional on-premises architecture with physical hardware. The next evolution of Digital Transformation involves shifting the entire workspace into secure cloud-first architecture supporting a distributed workforce. Now work is something you do and not go to. This has placed higher demands on IT departments to support the diversity of locations and devices as well as address increased cybersecurity risks as the devices became entry points to breeches and other security threats.

Desktop as a Service, or DaaS, is a cloud based virtual desktop infrastructure that enables MSPs to meet these challenges of modern work. Companies of all sizes, across all industries, are accelerating digital transformation. Virtual Desktops (VDI) are at the core of this transformation and provides a fast track to more holistic digital transformation approach providing greater security, resiliency, and scalability. This technology has helped the concept of "Personal Computer" evolve into a gateway to cloud based modern workspaces.

However, Virtual Desktops have traditionally been out of reach for SMBs due to the complexity, specialty skill sets, and high-intensity IT management required to support this infrastructure in-house. Equally, Managed Service Providers (MSP) have also faced challenges to deliver this service profitably and cost-efficiently for their customers.  

With the market growth expected to be over 250 percent by 2024 (Gartner), this is the time for MSPs to embrace the immense opportunity in this 2.9 billion dollar DaaS market. Today’s MSPs play a crucial role to help their clients navigate through incredibly complex business and technology challenges. To meet the rapid needs of customers, MSPs must be agile. This means MSPs need solutions without a steep learning curve or any guesswork. DesktopReady is the most comprehensive Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution for MSPs. It was designed by MSPs for MSPs keeping in mind the evolving needs of today’s distributed workforce.  

The accelerated need for digital transformation has led to a significant level of complexity in keeping up with business computing life cycle. It takes more than products and technology to deliver digital transformation and modern workspaces. We believe services are vital to realizing success and avoid pitfalls. MSPs can leverage DesktopReady’s full suite of white-glove services to accelerate cloud adoption for their clients.

The benefits today’s MSPs can realize from our comprehensive DaaS solution include:

·       Reduce time to value

·       Address complex use cases including hybrid work

·       Increase monthly recurring revenue

·       Mitigate cyberthreats

·       Enhance compliance and security

·       Reduce demands on in-house IT staff

·       Enhance MSP brand with product and services white labeling  

The challenges of today represent the opportunities of tomorrow. DesktopReady offers MSPs a one-stop-shop to deliver modern workspaces to their client’s distributed workforce.

The way your clients consume technology has changed forever. The Future of Work is here. Are you ready?

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