Anunta’s CTO speaks to CRN TV about DesktopReady

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  • Anuntatech
  • October 1, 2020

Our CTO and President, Vinod Jeyachandran, speaks to Jennifer Zarate, from CRN TV about Anunta DesktopReady, the Modern Desktop as a Service solution that brings enterprise grade virtual desktops to businesses.

DesktopReady uses Microsoft technology to provide build, scale, operate and easy to use cloud desktops specifically to SMBs. It is a Windows 10 desktop built on the Azure platform and is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop.

It completely abstracts the process of building the desktop environment, maintaining it and allows the businesses to scale up at any time and any size.

Watch the video:

Learn more about DesktopReady: Visit our website

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